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Local indie dream-pop duo, Tentative Plans, were brought together through the fateful forces of Craigslist to become a band and debut an EP last summer. Now, the angelic outfit, comprised of Cait Kellagher and Chris Caulder, have released their sophomore EP titled, still.

When I say that this EP is angelic, I’m not kidding or using that term lightly. Kellagher’s clear, bright vocals are so dang calming and ethereal, it’s unreal. Everything about this six track release is clean and precise, from the vocals to production quality, to the thoughtful and purposeful use of instrumentation.

“getting out alive” opens the EP with ambient vibes, with following track “not the same” shifting between soft piano melodies and beats buzzing with electricity. The EP’s namesake, “still,” is the poppiest of the bunch, with layered vocals adding an expansive, atmospheric element atop a foundation of electro beats, while soothing ballad,”here” fades out the EP on a pleading, yet hopeful, note.

Now go ahead and be swept away in a cloud of calm wonderfulness by listening to Tentative Plans’ EP, still, below.

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