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Waxahatchee recording their Shaking Through session | photo courtesy of Weathervane Music

As much as I am completely, avidly, and wholeheartedly obsessed with music, I cannot for the life of me fathom how artists can create songs. I am constantly in awe (and also thoroughly envious) of musicians ability to have art in their heads and then go and make it a real, living thing.

Weathervane Music’s Shaking Through video series allows musical plebeians such as I, to experience this amazing process of recording. Their brand new video showcases Katie Crutchfield’s Waxahatchee creating their new anthemic jam of a song, “No Curse.” Being as that the session was the first time the band played the song together, you’re able to see the song build and take shape before your very eyes.

In the 17-minute long feature, Crutchfield describes how important safe, DIY spaces are for young artists, as she discusses how she and her sister, Alison, had found their identity in music through the tight-knit punk community. She also delves into the meaning behind this album’s songwriting, where instead of implementing big, abstract concepts, Crutchfield challenged herself to be as literal and honest as possible. This choice makes “No Curse” possess an incredibly relatable nature, grounded in an anthemic resilient anger, which Crutchfield notes as fitting with the collective consciousness of the country in this divided time.

Get a behind the scenes look into the recording process by watching the feature video, and then catch the powerfully addicting result by watching the Shaking Through video for “No Curse” below.

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