Chris Kasper | photo by Tiana Timmerberg for WXPN

“I heard people lost their relationship with the Earth the day we started wearing shoes.”

It was sentiments such as this that local folk fave Chris Kasper speckled throughout his performance this past rainy Friday afternoon in Philly. Though Kasper has been a staple and steady figure in the local folk scene for over a decade now, it’s hard to believe that he’s not some sort of wandering vagabond — endlessly traveling across the country with nothing but good vibes and a guitar strapped to his back.

It’s this kind of laid-back, desert folk traveller, completely genuine kind of vibe that makes you want to go grab a cup of coffee (or maybe tea, he seems like a tea person) and have a casual yet deep conversation on the world and searching for meaning and such. Though the odds are up in the air on this coffee convo, the same kind of experience was definitely felt during his Free At Noon performance.

The set was filled with bounties of folk rock beauty — weaving easily between twang-encompassed jams, spooky Western campfire-type tales, and stripped down, acoustic ballads. Before delving into the encore performance of a Bob Dylan classic, Kasper mentioned to the crowd that they hadn’t prepared an encore until very recently. This was not apparent in the slightest as Kasper and his band left the audience — and host Helen Leicht — completely blown away, with Leicht even questioning in awe after the song, “Are you telling me that you really didn’t rehearse that song before?”

If the monsoon raging outside kept you from coming out to the Free at noon, don’t you worry: Chris Kasper will be returning to World Cafe live on May 25th for a special record release show of his upcoming album, O, The Fool. Find info on the show over at the XPN Concert Calendar and check out photos from Free at Noon performance below.

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