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Loose Tooth | photo by Craig Scheihing | courtesy of the artist

Philly rockers Loose Tooth released their latest album Big Day in April, but have recently created a very necessary addition to the record: a recipe book. Featured on Impose Magazine, Loose Tooth has concocted a specific meal and accompanying cooking details for each track on the album. Because every tasty track needs a tasty treat. It’s basic physics, really.

While some of the songs seemed destined for a food companion — i.e. “Garlic Soup,” possibly “Fish Boy” — others are a bit more of stretch, and thus thoroughly enjoyable to read and map connections from the song to its food counterpart.

Loose Tooth’s Garlic Soup recipe | via impose

Some standout dishes include a good ole’ cup of joe for the song “L Blu,” and the burrito meal for “Roach Motel” — which thankfully is devoid of its namesake critters. Instead, the recipe calls for sweet potatoes and peppers to create this spicy delicacy. The band is also so kind as to provide a very helpful diagram detailing the best burrito-folding techniques, so as to keep said spicy burritos intact. Such a thoughtful culinary bunch, these ones.

You can find the entire Big Day cookbook here. Stream the album below, and get to cooking some saucy creations.

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