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Ron Gallo | photo by John Vettese for WXPN

I should have known that Ron Gallo‘s set was going to be quite something when he walked out in a jumpsuit. Little did I know what shenanigan-filled jams would ensue from there on out.

This was my first time seeing the brilliance that is Ron Gallo live, and holy cannoli, it did not disappoint one bit. Starting the set off by carefully unfolding a piece of paper, Gallo prepared the crowd for his dry humor by meticulously reading and annunciating each and every word — thanking “Radio Shack employees” for being so supportive of them throughout the years.

Cannon-balling headfirst into their first tune (and one of my absolute favorite jams of the moment,) “Young Lady, You’re Scaring Me,” Gallo and crew gave every ounce of themselves into the performance, in which they performed tracks of their new album, Heavy Meta. There’s no half-assing it or trying to look blase cool for these guys — unless that is, they’re facetiously pretending to.  They remarked on this element in the track, “All The Punks Are Domesticated,” where the notable absence of shredding guitars emphasized Gallo’s true and scathing words on the present climate and mindset of rock n roll.

Closing out the set was head-banger, “Kill the Medicine Man,” where Gallo grabbed the NonCOMM time clock, and proceeded to use this large awkward rectangle as makeshift guitar pick. It seemed to work pretty well, too, so maybe he’s onto something. Whether you’re into this possible new trend or not, one thing is for sure: Ron Gallo completely knocked the socks off NonCOMM Day 2.

Don’t miss Gallo’s upcoming gig at Chameleon Club on June 6th, with more info here. Check out photos from the set below.

Ron Gallo – NonComm2017
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