Grimace Federation | Photo by Mike Ryan | courtesy of the artist

You want to make your day infinitely better? Of course you do. In order to achieve this infinite better-ness, I suggest chucking on a pair of headphones and blasting Grimace Federation’s new track, “Did I Ever Tell You?” immediately. Or grab some friends (oh what the heck, strangers even) and make it a dance party. Whichever method you choose, just listen to this dang tune right away.

Beginning with a foundation of quick, uptempo chords, the instrumental track grooves along for six minutes of buzzing synth, erratic percussion, and heavy, crunchy guitar solos. Looping through sonic peaks and valleys, by the end of the song you’ll feel like you’ve traversed across a sick, spacey soundscape.

Catch Grimace Federation’s record release gig on June 9th when they play Underground Arts with Chk Chk Chk. Find more info on the 21+ show here, and jam to “Did I Ever Tell You?” below.