Restorations | photo via

The outpouring of support and generosity that the Philly scene has been generating for organizations/causes in need lately has been amazing. From playing benefit shows to donating album proceeds to using their platforms to spread awareness on social justice issues, the activist response in our music community has been overwhelmingly heartwarming.

Philly punks Restorations are a recent example of this support. The band recently released a six-track EP of a live low-volume set at South Philly’s Chhaya Cafe on Bandcamp, with proceeds going to the Camden organization, Healing10.

About the organization:

Healing10 is a cross-sector coalition of Camden organizations and individuals that share a transformative vision for the City: bring a trauma informed paradigm to Camden to help improve the wellbeing and life prospects of everyone in the Camden Community. At its core, the trauma informed paradigm is an organizational and community shift from “what is wrong with you” to “what happened to you”. This shift is key to creating a new healing framework in Camden.

Check out the EP below, and consider donating to the NJ organization.