Christopher Davis-Shannon | photo courtesy of the artist

I’m almost convinced that Christopher Davis-Shannon is truly from the 1930s, and accidentally stepped through a time machine to today. If that is the case, Mr. Davis-Shannon, I sincerely apologize for the hoopla of a world that you have stumbled into. But I also thank you for bringing a grooving splash of steady, rocking tunes with you.

Particularly his new track, “Daffodil.” The Davis-Shannon Trio recently released a video for this track, which filmed by Bob Sweeney, taps along with cool vintage vibes.

You’ll have a smattering of chances to see the trio perform, starting with a gig at The Twisted Tail on Friday the 25th, with more info found here. Then, Davis-Shannon will also be at Fergie’s leading traditional jam seshes the last Saturday of the month — starting in September.

Watch the old-timey video for “Daffodil” below, and then be treated to a free download of the tune here.