Carroll | photo by Noah Silvestry | courtesy of the artist

Minneapolis-turned-Philly dwellers Carroll caught our attention last year with their sparkly psych rock vibes in As Far as Sounds Go. Then, back in December, a Shaking Through session hinted at a more somber forthcoming musical route. Now, we’re seeing elements of this melancholic turn come to fruition in Carrol’s new track, “Velvet.”

This slowed-down song swims through hazy, lush textures tinged in gloominess. But at the same time, it’s smooth as heck. A sad kind of sauciness that’s aided by some amazing sax stylings.

Talking with Gold Flake Paint about the track, Carroll says that “Velvet” is a “bridge between the dense, cosmic psychedelia of 2016’s As Far As Gardens Go and a newer sound we’ve found ourselves settling into since: a more hushed, mellowcholy sound tightly anchored to the groove.” Yes, mellowcholy — the band’s self-concocted term that actually impeccably describes them.

Catch Carroll at The Sound Hole on September 6th, with info here; then see them again the next day with Geographer at Boot and Saddle, with info available here. Listen to “Velvet” below.