American Trappist | photo by Brian L. Tice, Jr. | courtesy of artist

After River City Extension disbanded a couple years back, Joe Michelini started creating tunes under the name of American Trappist. With his self-titled debut last year, Michelini took listeners on a bluesy, folky, gritty sonic journey trekking from suburbia to crossing dusty Western plains and atmospheric desert landscapes.

Now, with a new track in hand, American Trappist seems to be continuing his westward U.S. excursion with a stop in sunny so-Cal. Although the song is titled “Soot,” its sound differs drastically from the smudgy darkness that the name suggests — instead, it jams along to a beat of retro garage rock goodness.

In addition to breezy guitar riffs, this shift in sound is aided by the grandiose, earnest vocals of the 60’s-esque duet between Michelini and Hemming’s Candice Martell.

“Soot (feat. Hemming)” is included on American Trappist’s upcoming EP, Amuse-Oreille, Vol. 1, via Smartt Records. The whole lot will be available for your ears on October 6th, with preorder for the EP available here.

But before then, listen to “Soot” below.

American Trappist | Amuse-Oreille, Vol. 1 album art by Joshua Gilman