Khari Mateen and STS | photo courtesy of the artist

For Atlanta-to-Philly rapper STS and multi-instrumentalist / producer Khari Mateen, combining their musical powers for epic results is no new phenomenon. It comes naturally to these extended Roots crew members, and this smooth easiness emanates from every fiber of their new track, “Better On A Sunday.”

With Mateen grounding the track in slow-tempo bluesiness through achey guitar twang and the soulful, steady chorus, STS peppers in texture as he raps verses in tribute to the everyday blue collar worker.

In an interview with NYLON, STS says:

“What we envisioned for this video was to show your everyday person. We wanted the video to relate to people on a personal level, rather than [have] some false narrative of every day being a party. In light of everything that’s going on in the country, and the world for that matter, we didn’t think people needed another song to dance to but rather, a song and video that can inspire, even if it just inspires you to make it through the week at your 9 to 5.”

Their upcoming record, Better On a Sunday, will be released on November 10th via STS’s DonCarlos Presents. But before then, inhale a breath of cool vibes by watching the video below.