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Acid Orphan | photo via magicdeathsoundsrecordcompany.bandcamp.com

“Honestly, I just want to liberate myself from my oppressors. I don’t want to need anybody but myself,” Andrea O. Bullard declares in the track, “Ghost With The Most” via Magic Death Sounds.

Working under the moniker Acid Orphan, this announcement from the Etheric Felines member is just a smidgen of the self-assured professions awaiting in Acid Orphan’s punchy, neon-splattered debut. With the force of a bullhorn-spouting activist, Bullard launches into the confidence-dripping, live-wire banger that’s likely to become your new go-to pump up track.

Dedicating the spooky-beat-built jam to “the queers and the freaks and the rejects / for the depressed, for the repressed,” Bullard fights off haters with lyrical gem-crested daggers; making it abundantly clear that she does not give a rat’s hat about what you think about her. In fact, she eggs you on with a swagger to just try to “strike her down” — like a three-headed monster, though, just know that she’ll just bounce back with even more power and resilience.

As if “Ghost With the Most” wasn’t enough of on its own, there are also two remixed versions of the song for you to get hyped to. Produced with varying styles, Ian Saint Laurent a.k.a. DJ Diabolic’s mix spins a bass-heavy, big band throwback spin on the song, while the tygerstrype counterpart floats “Ghost With The Most” out into a planetary ambience, and smashes it with some industrial grittiness and techno fusion.

Listen to “Ghost with the Most” and it’s two jam companions below, and stay tuned for more rapid-fire tracks.

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