Tyler Burkhart | photo via tylerburkhart.bandcamp.com

Lancaster’s Tyler Burkhart has been steadily self-releasing lo-fi Bandcamp gems for a few years now. Adding to this collection of chill bedroom pop, Burkhart recently released two new tracks, “When you go wrong,” and “New start (The secret)” ahead of his upcoming album Lost days, which is set for a December 1st release date.

The built-for-Fall first track, “When you go wrong” distinctly pulls on earlier to mid-ish era (Sandy) Alex G feels, as the song opens with lo-fi guitar conjuring the wizard craft of eliciting super specific, yet also very vague, weepy and warm nostalgia.

Crossing out of autumn’s hazy and bleak transformative nature, “New start (The secret)” is like winter’s first rush of icy air. Breathing in the cool freedom of a blank slate, bright banjo plucks weave an undeniably hopeful dance despite being anchored down in stubborn melancholia. Ending in optimistic, somber acceptance, Burkhart sings: “Cause I been holding your memory for far too long it seems. When just a new start and a song in my heart is all I really need.”

Stream the two tracks below.