Andre Altrez | photo by BlackMythPhoto | | courtesy of the artist

Local rapper Andre Altrez introduced himself to Philly in 2016 with his eclectic EP, Sprout — which saw a mixture of world music, jazzy and smooth R & B, while dotted with electro hints. Recently, he expanded his influences even further with his latest EP No Come Down, which The Key’s John Vettese dubbed as “atmospheric trap bangers.”

Now, the lead track of No Come Down  — the gritty and direct, “Consequences” — has a video to match. Directed by Andre Altrex himself along with Adrian Poitier, and shot by Adrian Poitier and Mike Groves, the video heightens the track’s one-on-one confrontational tone as Altrez locks eyes with the camera in no-nonsense attitude of sobering frankness.

Watch the video below. Altrez tells us he has no live shows on the calendar at present, but we should keep on the lookout for more music from him in 2018.