Minji Kong | via artist’s Facebook

Earlier this fall, local bedroom pop artist Minji Kong released Thanks, I Appreciate It — a three song EP that Kong crafted in just 24 hours because she wanted to make music before heading back to a new semester at school. You know, totally casual stuff. Now, she’s shared a new five-track EP wonderfully-titled, My Plant Wants to Live and So Do I, along with a video for its opening track, “I Don’t Want to Say Goodnight.”

Looking through Kong’s relatively young Bandcamp page, there’s a notably cozy and cohesive kind of aesthetic that perfectly matches her chill, lo-fi tracks. It gives off mysterious, cool and ethereal vibes — suggesting that therefore, Kong is all of those things too. And while her first video likewise embraces this kind of aesthetic, it does so in a melodious parody, where Kong portrays a heartwarming sort of awkwardness for the camera.

The fun, earnest video features Kong playing a solitary game of ping pong in a low-lit room, taking breaks to strap on her Les Paul and play. Contrasted with a permeation of hopeless gravity, lyrics like “I’m very antisocial / I suggest you talk first” and “We could be pretty poetry,” become hilariously endearing as forlorn fade-aways breeze by.

Watch the video and stream the rest of the EP’s tracks below.