Hurry | photo by Jeremy Zimmerman |

Earlier this month, Hurry’s single “Waiting For You,” tore away the distorted film of 2016’s Guided Meditation to reveal its clean and pure power-pop tune core. Now, Hurry has shared a second single — the namesake of the new record, “Every Little Thought” — which keeps the fuzz away as it both shines and sulks.

With Matt Scottoline’s saccharine vocals, hooky harmonies, and easy surf vibes, “Every Little Thought” drives straight into the sun-soaked sixties era. But with melancholic, heartfelt lyrics ditching commercial fluff, it’s more akin to an authentically vulnerable bandstand group — like if Tom Hanks fictional concoction The Oneders (I’m from Erie, PA, sue me) turned beautifully emo.

Listen to the single below. Every Little Thought will be released on February 23rd via Lame-O Records, and don’t miss the record release party the day after at Everybody Hits along with some jams from Worriers and Amanda X. Find info on tickets to the gig here.