Courtney Barnett | still from video

Is Australian rocker Courtney Barnett teasing a new record with this video that hit the web today? We are so into that.

Posted today on the Milk! Records YouTube channel, the video — titled “Tell Me How You Really Feel…” — shows Barnett in a cluttered warehouse space that seems like equal parts workshop, recording studio and backstage storeroom. She bounces from tympani drums to piano to acoustic guitar and electric guitar, singing a few lyrics from what are presumably new songs at each instrument. In total, we hear four snippets, with the final one giving way to hard-hitting and super badass electric guitar riffs suggesting that Barnett has many more “Pedestrian At Best” jams ahead of her.

The video links to Barnett’s website, which has a form to leave a message (telling her how you really feel, etc.) in exchange for your email address. Otherwise, the landing page simply says “15th Feb” — so we’ll report back Thursday with whatever details Barnett is going to share. Suffice it to say, we here at XPN HQ are waiting with baited breath.

(h/t Brooklyn Vegan)