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Radiator Hospital | screenshot from video

Contrasting high energy excitement with more somber lyrical content is Radiator Hospital’s cup ‘o tea. Their Play the Songs You Like track “Lonely Road” is testament to this, and its new video goes a step further by bringing the band’s sonic dichotomy to a visual level: coaster style.

Following the gaggle of pals at Hershey Park, everyone’s having a hoot of a time — well, almost everyone. I didn’t quite notice so clearly until the end, but it becomes very apparent that someone’s having a pretty glum day — even when packed together with friends and fun.

On this, Sam Cook-Parrot says “Lonely Road,” is a “song about how you may feel like life is just one long lonely road that you walk alone, when really all your loved ones are there wishing you could break from that cloud.” He adds, “It’s a special song to me so I’m glad we have a special video to accompany it.”

Watch the video here — it is exclusively available on the band’s brand new website (created by bass player, Jon Rybick) and will be the fun mecca of everything Radiator Hospital from here on out. In a Facebook post, the band explains the move to purchase a web domain is a purposeful choice, sharing: “Since we are a #punk band we are trying to gain some more control of our content from the huge companies like spotify/google/etc.” Heck yea, my dudes.

Don’t miss Radiator Hospital conclude their tour on June 3rd when they and LVL UP open for Japanese Breakfast at Union Transfer. Find info on tickets to the show here.

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