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“Japan has always been one of my most favorite places to travel to for many reasons, but food has always been on the top of the list, and especially ramen! Just like the variations of broths used in the bowls, records of all types fill my crates, and the two things that bring people together more than anything else is music and food.” – Skeme Richards

Philly based DJ and record collector Skeme Richards (Nostalgia King) has taken his deep knowledge of global funk, soul, and disco to the four corners of the Earth, traveling and bringing his cosmopolitan sound to audiences in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. As part of his travel regimen, Skeme routinely tours throughout Japan and is an enthusiastic of champion Japanese music and culture.

Honoring the deep cultural exchange that lives in his work, Richards has partnered with Dr. Bruce Campbell (aka DJ Junior) ‘s Record Breakin’ Music and South Philly’s recently opened Neighborhood Ramen restaurant. The result of this collaboration is Neighborhood Ramen, a limited edition CD complete with a special bundle pack that includes Nostalgia King signature chopsticks and a pack of Miso, Shio, Tonkotsu or Original ramen.

Featuring a deftly mixed selection of rare Japanese funk and disco, the mix sets a cross-continental vibe full of soulful Japanese vocals, funky breakbeats and cosmopolitan sounds. Campbell explains the spirit of creative collaboration that informed the project:

“The release came together seamlessly. I love collaborating with Skeme because he’s always thinking outside of the box and pushing an idea to the next level. We’ve done mix releases before that have done well and sold out. The addition of the chopsticks and ramen to this release just made sense.”

Skeme adds that the presentation represents all three brands — The Nostalgia King, Neighborhood Ramen, and Record Breakin’ Music — well.

“It’s true to our identity and authenticity.”

Order one of the limited edition CD mixes from Bandcamp before they’re sold out, or swing through Neighborhood Ramen on 3rd Street between South and Bainbridge.