Spoon | photo by Wendy McCardle for WXPN

Back with their first single since 2017’s Hot Thoughts, Spoon have just released “No Bullets Spent,” a politically charged indie-rock tune. Featuring a sparse, guitar-driven beat, “No Bullets Spent” was written during a heatwave in NYC, frontman Britt Daniel told subscribers of Spoon’s email newsletter. Throughout, Daniel can be heard telling a story and detailing his observations on youth and coming of age in our world, plagued by gun violence and economic inequality. “What we need now’s an accident, no one to blame and no bullets spent,” he shouts in the chorus, angry at the current state of affairs.

This track will be included in the band’s upcoming best-of collection, Everything Hits At Once: The Best of Spoon. Daniel explained his reasoning behind doing the album in a press release:

“The idea of doing a best-of came to us a couple times. First I wasn’t sure how I felt about it, but at some point I remembered that when I got my first Cure record it was Standing on a Beach. When I got my first New Order record, it was Substance. That was how I met those bands, and I moved backwards from there but I still listen to those comps.”

Listen to “No Bullets Spent,” and check out the full tracklist for Everything Hits At Once below, set to release on July 26th via Matador.

Everything Hits At Once

1. I Turn My Camera On
2. Do You
3. Don’t You Evah
4. Inside Out
5. The Way We Get By
6. The Underdog
7. Hot Thoughts
8. I Summon You
9. Rent I Pay
10. You Got Yr Cherry Bomb
11. Got Nuffin
12. Everything Hits At Once
13. No Bullets Spent