photo by Danny Clinch | courtesy of the artist

As another week of self-isolation passes we’re comforted by another stellar group of new albums. And leading the way, it’s Lucinda Williams. Good Souls Better Angels, her 14th studio album, carries a lyrical and sonic edge that quite honestly we all need right now. Also on the playlist this week, a new solo album Brendan Benson of The Raconteurs, a grandiose collection from Other Lives, a slice of country from Canadian-born songwriter Whitney Rose, and a sun-soaked, vibey debut from Hazel English. #PressPlay & enjoy!

Lucinda Williams Good Souls Better Angels

We LOVE: “You Can’t Rule Me”; “Big Black Train”

Brendan Benson Dear Life

We LOVE: “Good To Be Alive”

Other Lives For Their Love

We LOVE: “Lost Day”; Hey Hey I”

Hazel English Wake Up!

We LOVE: “Five and Dime”; “Shaking”

Whitney Rose We Still Go To Rodeos

We LOVE: “In A Rut”