You might not know who Cimafunk is, but they’re going to change your life. The Cuba-based singer’s River stage set with his expansive band was nothing short of a religious experience. Transfixing and transformative, you left feeling like a completely different person.

The band packed the stage with ten members playing everything from the trombone to traditional Latin instruments like maracas and guiros. Kicking things off with “Cocinarte,” their infectious Afrofunk elicited a whole new level of enthusiasm from the crowd. A few people even bowed down to worship them at the end of their set.

The band had no problem matching the energy of the audience, in fact, they seemed to feed off of each other. The complexity of their songs didn’t deter the crowd, instead, they leaned into the groovy bass lines, dual drummers, and multi-vocalists. Pulling out everything from a cowbell to conga drums, they could make your head spin with the array of instruments they seemingly pulled out of thin air.

The band was so animated, it was clear that they didn’t come just to play some songs, they came to perform. Pulling all sorts of on-stage antics (including a dance with the mic stand that was enough to make you blush) they were ridiculously entertaining. Complete characters, not only did they mesmerize you with their music, but they made you laugh.

Their driving rhythms and intense grooves made them magnetic. It was exhilarating and virtually impossible not to dance along with them as they zig-zagged around one another. At some points, the band looked like a blur of thrashing limbs and instruments. It was this flurry of passion and excitement that was surreal to witness. The whole thing felt like an out of body experience.

For those that didn’t get to experience the magic of Cimafunk in person, their new album, El Alimento, will be out on October 8. Listen to their performance and check out a photo gallery below.

Cimafunk Sunday – XPoNential Music Fest
Se Qeabò
Beat con Flow
Funk Asprin
Me Voy