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Picture this: You’re walking alone on a cold and blustery night; the wind is whipping your hair back, your cheeks are frozen, and when you finally get to your destination, you open the door, and inside … there’s a fireplace glowing, it’s cozy, it’s warm, you’re greeted with a hug from your partner or your family or your closest friends — you’re HOME. Or … maybe you’re inside the new Big Thief album. That feeling of home, of safety, of being surrounded by people who give you space to be your truest self — you can hear it in the warmth and creativity of Big Thief’s music, and you can hear it and SEE it when you speak to them.

During my conversation with Big Thief frontperson Adrianne Lenker and drummer James Krivchenia (who also produced the new album), they often answered questions while looking at each other, encouraging each other to explore an idea or tell a story. In this session, you’ll hear them talk about how their support for each other, as a band, has been a vital element of their creative process. Plus, hear LIVE performances of songs from their new album, Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe in You.