When Philly’s Suzanne Sheer previewed her new album The Blue Hour in a gig at Warehouse on Watts earlier this month, the night closed with a screening of her just-completed new music video, “Girls on the Internet,” which we described at the time as a “send-up of social media, the societal pressure it contributes to, and the divisions it can cause in real-life relationships.”

The video is out this week, and it’s clear that the last item in that list is a focal point here. Written and directed by Chris White, and brilliantly captured by DP Phil Tartaglone, the “Girls On The Internet” video poignantly presents the specific sort of loneliness that manifests when your partner is lost in a world of digital disconnection. Sheer stars alongside rapper Aime, with the two sitting on a couch — she singing to the camera, he reclining next to her, swiping at his phone. As Sheer sings “I’ve been going through your likes,” the women that Aime’s been admiring on his feed begin to materialize around them, dancing and posing and taking selfies — rapper Queen Jo is a notable member of the ensemble — and trying to get the couple to choose sides: internet or real life.

Watch below; pre-save The Blue Hour here.

Suzanne Sheer - Girls On The Internet