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Carlos Santana is here for good time and a long time. The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame guitarist has sold millions of albums over the course of his 50+ year career and racked up countless accolades. But when speaking with him, it’s clear his motivation is just making music that will inspire you. His latest album, Blessings and Miracles, is a not-so-subtle reference to his current outlook on life.

The record, much like his 1999 smash record, Supernatural, sees him teaming up with myriad artists, including Chris Stapleton, Steve Winwood, his children Stella and Salvador, and, of course, Rob Thomas, who helped send their song “Smooth” straight to No. 1.

Carlos will talk about working with Thomas again, plus the unusual and brilliant mindset he gets into while practicing, and why gratitude is what guides him.

A brief note: This interview was taped before Carlos suffered from heat exhaustion during a concert earlier this month, which has kept him off the stage for the time being. We look forward to seeing Carlos back out on the road soon!