Amos Lee on World Cafe
Amos Lee
World Cafe
  • "Look for the Silver Lining"
  • "My Funny Valentine"
  • "I Get Along Without You Very Well"
  • "My Ideal"

Humans haven’t invented time travel yet, but if we ever do, it’ll probably be pretty dangerous and expensive. The good news? We have music. Music can take you back to a place and time, even one you’ve never experienced.

In this session, you’ll be transported by Amos Lee as he performs songs from his full album tribute to Chet Baker‘s 1954 album, Chet Baker Sings. Lee’s album is called My Ideal. Lee, along with pianist and producer David Streim, will take you back in time in this session, recorded at World Café in Philadelphia.

Amos Lee - "My Ideal" (Recorded live for World Cafe)