Eli Schmitt on World Cafe
Eli Schmitt
World Cafe
  • Friko, "Get Numb To It!"
  • Friko, "IN_OUT"
  • Horsegirl, "Ballroom Dance Scene"
  • Life Without Buildings, "New Town"
  • Friko, "Crimson To Chrome"

Chicago has a slew of well-established music scenes. Jazz, blues, house music and punk all have a rich history in the city, and a 20-year-old DePaul University student is helping build a music scene for a new generation.

In the latest installment of our Sense of Place series, the World Cafe team is exploring the Windy City. In this session, we sit down with Eli Schmitt, who is very busy helping bring people together through music.

Schmitt hosts his own college radio show called The Mother Night Radio Hour. He publishes an art zine called Unresolved. He’s in a band called Post Office Winter, and he hosts and streams live performances with other bands straight from his own apartment for his YouTube show New Now.

We caught up with Schmitt right before New Now’s one-year anniversary show, featuring Chicago indie band Friko.

Friko - New Now