Silversun Pickups on World Cafe
Silversun Pickups
World Cafe
  • "Empty Nest"
  • "Scared Together"
  • "Dream At Tempo 050"
  • "Latchkey Kids"
  • "Lazy Eye"

Brian Aubert of Silversun Pickups wasn’t planning to work on music. No, he was going to focus on being present with his family as the pandemic lockdown set in. But even the best-laid plans take a detour.

Aubert slowly began dreaming up material that would result in Physical Thrills, the indie rock band’s sixth studio album. In this session, Aubert and band member Nikki Monninger talk about working with esteemed producer Butch Vig, Monninger taking up lead vocals for a few songs, and why they’re not too cool to record video messages for fans.