Natalia Lafourcade on World Cafe
Natalia Lafourcade
World Cafe
  • "De todas las flores"
  • "Pajarito colibri"
  • "Soledad y El Mar"
  • "Mi manera de querer"

Natalia Lafourcade holds the record for most Latin Grammys won by a female artist: She’s won 15 over her 20+-year career. The 38-year-old Mexican singer is beloved, not only for her own compositions, but also for her projects that have paid homage to the folk music of her native Mexico and Latin America.

Plus, you also might know her from her performance of the Oscar-winning song “Remember Me,” from Pixar’s Coco. Natalia’s 10th and latest album is called De Todas las Flores; it’s her first album of entirely new material in seven years and she premiered it live in late 2022 at Carnegie Hall to a sold-out audience.

In this session, Lafourcade talks about making the new album and shares live performances of songs from it.