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The Backseat Lovers
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  • "Silhouette"
  • "Close Your Eyes"
  • "Slowing Down"
  • "Growing/Dying"

Your late teens and early 20s are a time when things can change quickly — you leave high school, you might move out on your own and, if you’re like our guests today, you find sudden success when a song you release goes viral. That’s what happened when Utah band The Backseat Lovers put out their 2019 single “Kilby Girl,” a song that has racked up more than 208 million streams on Spotify.

With 2020 and the pandemic, there were even more changes for the young band. In this session, guitarist and vocalist Joshua Harmon and bassist KJ Ward talk about their second album, Waiting to Spill, and about how going through so much changed their music and changed them, as people.