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Since 1973, the WXPN community has eased into their weekend mornings with the quiet sounds of Sleepy Hollow. From folk to jazz to choral music and soft rock, it’s a lovingly-curated, eclectic array of programming, a space on the radio where you’re likely to hear Joni Mitchell alongside John Coltrane, Nick Drake rubbing elbows with Norah Jones.

This year, to mark the 50th anniversary of Sleepy Hollow — WXPN’s longest-running program — hosts Chuck Elliott, Keith Kelleher, and Julian Booker are going through the most essential music of the program’s lifetime, one year at a time. Beginning on Saturday morning, March 18th, the hosts will shine the spotlight on a different year each hour of the show. The celebration takes place over six weeks of Sleepy Hollow, culminating in a celebration of the program as a whole at 10 a.m. on April 23rd. An acoustic event with Wesley Stace and conversation with Sleepy Hollow hosts will be recorded at WXPN’s performance studio that morning and broadcast later this year.

But that’s just the beginning. We’re planning specials on air and online all year long to mark Sleepy Hollow’s golden anniversary, so keep checking back and enjoying the soothing sounds of your Saturday and Sunday mornings. Below, get a taste with a 50th anniversary playlist curated by the Sleepy Hollow hosts.


March 18
9am: 1994 (Chuck)

March 19
7am: 2012 (Keith)
8am: 1991 (Julian)
9am: 1978 (Julian)
10am: 2001 (Julian)

March 25
6am: 1977 (Chuck)
7am: 2003 (Chuck)
8am: 1980 (Chuck)
9am: 2014 (Chuck)

March 26
6am: 1981 (Keith)
7am: 2005 (Keith)
8am: 1990 (Julian)
9am: 2016 (Julian)
10am: 1976 (Julian)

April 1
6am: 1988 (Chuck)
7am: 2008 (Chuck)
8am: 1996 (Chuck)
9am: 2013 (Chuck)

April 2
6am: 1985 (Keith)
7am: 2009 (Keith)
8am: 1974 (Keith)
9am: 1992 (Keith)
10am: 2018 (Keith)

April 8
6am: 1986 (Chuck)
7am: 2004 (Chuck)
8am: 1975 (Chuck)
9am: 1997 (Chuck)

April 9
6am: 1982 (Keith)
7am: 2017 (Keith)
8am: 2002 (Julian)
9am: 1993 (Julian)
10am: 2010 (Julian)

April 15
6am: 1979 (Chuck)
7am: 2000 (Chuck)
8am: 1989 (Chuck)
9am: 2021 (Chuck)

April 16
6am: 1984 (Keith)
7am: 2020 (Keith)
8am: 1995 (Julian)
9am: 2011 (Julian)
10am: 2006 (Julian)

April 22
6am: 2015 (Chuck)
7am: 1999 (Chuck)
8am: 2007 (Chuck)
9am: 1983 (Chuck)

April 23
6am: 2019 (Keith)
7am: 1998 (Keith)
8am: 1987 (Julian)
9am: 2022 (Julian)
10am: 1973 (ALL)

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