Devon Gilfillian on World Cafe
Devon Gilfillian
World Cafe
  • "All I Really Wanna Do"
  • "Right Kind of Crazy"
  • "The Recipe"
  • "Love You Anyway"

Devon Gilfillian‘s new album, Love You Anyway, is just as much a celebration as it is a declaration. The musician’s third studio album addresses the widening political gap in American culture, chronicling his last three years living in Nashville. The album broaches tough subjects like voter suppression, but it’s also a groovy soundtrack to late nights and good times.

Gilfillian clearly has taken to heart the ideas of Marvin Gaye. He covered the whole of What’s Going On in 2021, and on Love You Anyway, he draws inspiration from Gaye’s 1976 album, I Want You, a disco-influenced seductive soul record.

In this session, Gilfillian talks about blending both influences, jamming with Nathaniel Rateliff, and his close relationship with his father.