Low Cut Connie on World Cafe
Low Cut Connie
Studio Session
  • "Are You Gonna Run?"
  • "Sleaze Me On"
  • "Whips and Chains"
  • "King of the Jews"
  • "Don't Get Fresh With Me"

When do you most feel like your true self? The version of you that feels free. The version that doesn’t hold back or tries to act the right way or play into people’s expectations?

Finding that freedom can be a lifelong journey, and on their new album, Art Dealers, Low Cut Connie’s Adam Weiner invites you to join him on that journey.

After breaking out with the biweekly live Tough Cookies webcast during the pandemic, Low Cut Connie has had a busy few years. They played nonstop shows, performed at an inaugural event for President Joe Biden, and worked on this album and an accompanying film also called Art Dealers that will be screening at select film festivals in the fall.

In this session, you’ll hear Weiner explain that, while his life has taken some extraordinary turns, he finds the most inspiration in the ordinary. He also talks about having the freedom to be who you are and how your own unique perspective can shape your creative work.