The Record Company, comprised of lead vocalist and guitarist Chris Vos, bassist Alex Stiff, and drummer Marc Cazorla, is a staple in the current state of rock ‘n roll. Today, they showcased tracks new and old, kicking things off with their latest single, “Dance on Mondays”.

This LA-based yet southern-inspired three-piece went back to basics while crafting their upcoming album. With the same at-home recording conditions they used for their debut album Give It Back To You, their new singles have a homegrown feel that seeps into their live sets, all mixed with a heaping helping of unapologetic fun. Building anticipation for what was to come, Stiff led the way with a steady bassline as the sound of tapping feet and clapping hands filled the room. Or, rather, what was left of the room, as the band’s resounding bluesy flair took up a good portion of the airwaves. Together, Vos’s raspy, twangy inflection and Stiff’s supporting harmonies are golden, making for a grand sing-along with the audience. With a pedal steel guitar and a harmonica microphone in hand, Vos can make all your vintage country dreams come true.

Some of the highlights, however, had more to do with the band’s story than their music. For instance, Stiff’s Federal Donuts t-shirt elicited an enormous response from the crowd. Vos detailed the band’s close connection to Philly, giving a special shoutout to WXPN for supporting them since their very first release and thanking the “listeners out there in Radioland”. He later went on to explain that, though the past year provided some unique challenges for them, what’s gotten the three of them through has been honing in on their craft. But, they’ve come a long way since, as demonstrated by the exciting prospect of and anticipation for their forthcoming release. “Now we’re #5 on the charts and I’m diggin’ it,” he remarked before launching into a jam-sesh style rendition of “Talk to Me”, the last song of their set and first single from the new album.

Be sure to check out The Record Company’s fourth album, simply and aptly titled The 4th Album, when it’s released on September 15th, and check out photos from their performance below.

The Record Company
Free At Noon
  • Dance On Mondays
  • Roll With It
  • I Found Heaven (In My Darkest Days)
  • Rita Mae Young
  • Patterns
  • I'm Working
  • Off The Ground
  • Talk To Me