World Teachers Day - Mike Vasilikos and Mr. Guido

We all have teachers in our lives who have made an impact on us. I was thinking back on the many who have influenced my life, and it became pretty clear to me that I probably would not have pursued a career so aligned to music if it weren’t for one particular person: my middle school band teacher, Mike Guido. (It kind of feels weird to say his full name.)

Mr. Guido joined me on the WXPN midday show on Thursday, October 5th, for World Teachers Day, reminiscing about when I first took classes with him in sixth grade, circa 1993. It felt like he was cut from a different cloth than most of my other teachers, as though he just got off tour with Robert Plant. He seemed like a real rock n’ roll guy, and we talked about how he went from playing in bands to teaching band, and we listen to his handpicked list of the classic rock favorites that got him into music in the first place.

Listen to our interview in the player above, and check out an expanded playlist with bonus tracks below!


The Beatles “A Day In The Life”
Beach Boys “Warmth of the Sun”
Allman Brothers Band “Don’t Want You No More”
Led Zeppelin “The Song Remains The Same”
Jeff Beck “Cause We’ve Ended as Lovers”
Chick Corea “Spain”

Bonus Tracks!
Full Hand “Cos Cos”
Jim Small Band “Smoke from a Distant Fire”
Schubert Symphony “Symphony no. 8 in B Minor”
Alfred Reed “A Festival Prelude”