Today, Kurt Vile began the rollout of a new EP titled Back to Moon Beach out November 17th on Verve. The 6-song, hour-long body of work features more music than is typically packed into an extended play, but just consider it a gift from Vile and his team, which includes (on this particular release) the talents of Stella Mozgawa (Warpaint, Courtney Barnett) and highly sought-after musician and producer, Cate Le Bon.

Vile describes what’s to come on Back to Moon Beach in a press release. “The first 6 tracks–which are the ones that fit on a single LP–are new to the world, with one foot in the not-too-distant past and the other one tiny toe pointing toward the future. Together my feet are like a couple spanning time together.” He goes on to talk specifically about the record’s first single, “Another good year for the roses,” which is out now. “This song was started at Stinson Beach, CA in September 2019 for a few days of recording with Rob Laasko, Stella Mozgawa, Chris Cohen, Cate Le Bon (and Adam Langellotti Floating as a fly on the wall as well). Adam and I being the two overseers across this entire endeavor: we finished it on our own (and with some friends along the way). We ended up demonically overdubbing for weeks straight at OKV Central, Philly (my studio)… this was all of May 2023… so many magic moments.”

Watch the video for “Another good year for the roses,” below featuring an appearance from fellow Philly band Florry. And, I’ll say it because it’s ripe for the picking: “Another good year for the roses” signals another good year for Kurt Vile and fans. Back to Moon Beach comes out November 17th. Vile will perform at Allentown’s Miller Symphony Hall on November 18th. Check the WXPN Concerts and Events page for more info.

Kurt Vile - Another good year for the roses