Arkells on World Cafe
Studio Session
  • "Laundry Pile"
  • "Skin"
  • "Quiet Love"
  • "Time"

Our guests on World Cafe set a record earlier this year at the Juno Awards: The rock band Arkells won group of the year for the sixth time. It’s more than any other group ever, which is just one of the reasons you might call them “Canada’s Rock Band.”

Arkells - Quiet Love (Official Music Video)

They also sell out arenas with their catalog of radio hits, and they can be heard on pretty much every sports broadcast. They’re big. Yet, for their latest album, Arkells are focusing on the little things. Laundry Pile is an intimate collection of songs focusing on long-term love and domestic bliss. In this session, the band talks about how it all started with a collection of quiet demos.

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