Jack Antanoff chats with Kristen Kurtis on XPN Morning Show

To welcome in what is bound to be a busy new year, we got on the phone with Jack Antonoff: frontperson of Bleachers, producer of an array of his peers’ projects, and proud New Jerseyan.

In this chat for the XPN Morning Show, he shares his thoughts on a Jersey / Philly rivalry, new years resolutions, collaborating with friends, and receiving another round of Grammy nominations this year, including Producer of Year, Non-Classical (“it’s all bananas, but thank you” Antanoff remarks). He works with an array of women in music, from Lana Del Rey to Taylor Swift, and Antanoff reflects on creative allyship in our chat.

We also hear about his band Bleachers, who releases a self-titled album this spring, and plays a concert at The Met Philly on June 12. $1 from each ticket sold will go to The Ally Coalition’s work supporting unhoused LGBTQ youth across the country. Listen to our conversation in the player above and read excerpts from the interview below.

Bleachers - Modern Girl

…on hitting the ten-year milestone with his band Bleachers.

Yeah, it’s crazy! It kind of snuck up on me that 2014, Strange Desire came out in July. So ten years ago this time I was finishing up mixes. I’m realizing I got to get it together, not a tour or anything, but something different and funny.

…on deciding that the band’s latest album was the one to get the self-titled treatment.

Something happened where I was writing this album and recording it, where every reference point I would have drawn from something became a personal reference point. Like the band became the only reference point. I wasn’t really thinking anywhere outside, I was only reflecting on us being on tour. And the other records we made and how this stacks up into the future and sort of pushes further and further and further. It clicked in my head and I was like this is it, this is the album where the band has crystalized the most into itself.

…on liner note culture for albums both past and future.

I think they should do more of it, but the streaming services are starting to add credits, you can see who’s been working on things. That’s just a nice thing because that’s forever important and interesting, so I like the digital footprint of it too.

…on what it takes to be a great creative ally for women.

I’ve never developed a good answer to the question, but it comes up a lot. I got sisters, is it that? The studio is a true place where it works or it doesn’t. There’s nothing to fake. You can’t put a bow on it or call it something it isn’t. You make things that you feel or you don’t. So I never have been able to understand what qualities make it work for me, because there’s a lot of magic there.

…on turning 40 in March.

I guess age is always in conversation with if you’re surrounded by people you’re happy to surrounded by. At times I wasn’t, I was stressed about another year passing, because part of me feels like I must have watched something. But I’m happy with my community and the people around me, which makes age feel like an exciting adventure.