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It’s a good year for Waxahatchee, the project of singer-songwriter Katie Crutchfield. In full swing promoting her new and buzz-worthy album Tigers Blood, Waxahatchee visited World Cafe in Philadelphia, where Crutchfield lived and worked for a time. The full session, recorded live on March 28th, is out now. And that’s where this week’s Video Roundup picks up.

Waxahatchee on World Cafe (Full Interview & Performance)

Katie Crutchfield and Raina Douris chat about the direction of her new album, her musical strengths (what she’s willing to delegate and what she’s not), and the sparkling collaborators Crutchfield brought on board to create Tigers Blood. Watch for live performances of “Right Back To It,” a self-proclaimed rare love song, “Crowbar,” “The Wolves,” and “Bored.”

Waxahatchee on World Cafe (Full Interview & Performance)

WXPN Archive Dive: Waxahatchee performs “Dark Moon” (Live on The Key from 2013)

Going back in time, this next video is from Waxahatchee’s first ever session with XPN in 2013. We dug this special performance, a cover of Bonnie Guitar’s breakthrough country hit “Dark Moon,” out of the archives to share in celebration of how far the artist has come. Enjoy.

WXPN Archive Dive: Waxahatchee performs "Dark Moon" (Live on The Key from 2013)

Wednesday – “Chosen To Deserve” (Indie Rock Hit Parade Live Session)

Speaking of special collaborators on Tigers Blood, this next Indie Rock Hit Parade session with Wednesday features prominently MJ Lenderman on guitar, who lends his vocals and guitar to Waxahatchee’s latest record. Listen to Crutchfield describe the magic of working with Lenderman in this year’s World Cafe interview, then see the artist jam out to “Chosen To Deserve,” recorded the day Wednesday’s Rat Saw God came out this time last year.

Wednesday - "Chosen To Deserve" (Indie Rock Hit Parade Live Session)

Tweedy – “World Away” (Recorded Live for World Cafe)

Besides MJ Lenderman, Spencer Tweedy is another artist familiar to World Cafe who now plays with Waxahatchee. Tweedy played drums on Tigers Blood and also features in this year’s World Cafe recording. Watch him play “World Away” with his famous father, Jeff Tweedy, in this session recorded nine years ago.

Tweedy - "World Away" (Recorded Live for World Cafe)

The Vernes – “H. Roark” (The Key Studio Sessions)

And for our last Waxahatchee-related video, enjoy this session from past Philly favorites The Vernes. Cole Berggren, who adds banjo and keys to Waxahatchee’s live sets, used to be a part of this local group who unfortunately disbanded last year. However, the group left a strong impression on Philadelphia, like one can easily imagine watching this warm performance of “H. Roark” where vocalist and guitar player Matthew Gragg strums so hard he loses his headphones, but makes a smooth recovery.

The Vernes - "H. Roark" (The Key Studio Sessions)

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